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In 1999, a few Harlem dirt bike and ATV warriors were in the driveway of Don Villanueva talking after many hours of riding on trails. It wasn’t anything that normally doesn’t happen but this time things were different.  From that moment on, that group of riders became known as the Go Hard Boyz (GHB)Don Villenueva became its founder and Shea Evans became its CEO. With this in mind, GHB began its journey on not just being a household name but also, a company and a brand that gives back to the communities that helped them grow. The group quickly grew this company from 10 guys to currently having over 75 members/extreme sports specialists. 

GHB members were always showcasing their flashy customized and trendy rides. Their matching custom trailers, vans and pick-ups also highlighted this.  The GHB brand began to spread and take enormous form after their self-released 2001 DVD entitled “12 O’clock” hit the streets. This caused the GHB name and brand to now be synonymous with what is labeled “Insane Street Riding” which is considered to be a form of unbelievable extreme sports talents.

In 2004,GHB organized and put on a massive exhibition, showing their extreme sports talent and major skills for many of the inner city community. This included extreme talents from neighboring states as well.  They displayed their notorious talents in not only dirt bike riding but, also in areas ranging from BMX riding to skateboarding as well.

You must understand GHB is not only a group of extremely talented adrenaline junkies. GHB is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that can be identified with/and by extreme sports fiends and fanatics in all urban communities and rural suburbs all over the world. This can be found through the dedication of GHB members we have here in the United States and as far as Australia!


The mask with the hat backwards represents our logo, which means “Do It With Style”. We are GHB. As our slogan and mantra states “It’s Bigger Than Bikes”.


That alone speaks for itself.



  1. Just wanted to say keep showing the world the opposite of what they think bike life is. The misconception they have. How it’s bigger then bikes.

  2. I’m looking to rep ghb out here on Long Island I ride wit ghb Koda and rocky! I’m good friends with Koda I haven’t even discussed reaping ghb with him just lmk what I gotta do to be a go hard boy I already ride every second of the day and am gettin nicer and nicer by the day so just shoot me a email back plz

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