Are you an officer’s favorite rider?

Are you an officer’s favorite rider?

Where there are gas stations, there are dirt bikes. Where there are dirt bikes, there are  street riders. Wherever street riders go, POLICE ARE NOT FAR BEHIND.

Whether you have proper paperwork, tags, headlights or not. There’s always that one specific cop(s) who just can’t help but get excited when he see’s you out, tuning up the streets. He’ll never tell you but he is your biggest fan.

Riding on 4 wheels, holding a steering wheel must get boring. Then you come along, whether you’re riding with one wheel up or wheels down. These police can’r resist the urge to harass you.

Tell us about your run-ins with your biggest fans in blue. If he/ she is one fan you will never get, by all means please share their name.

They just wanna ride too….

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  1. GHB_DBLOKK19 /

    i had a few cops that let me rock,and i and a few that was out for blood .But ever since the cops took all my bikes august 2013 and had us at gun point ,man fuck these pigs … they act like we killing ppl ,we just want to ride and chill and show off to the streets !!! umma hit streets till i can’t hit them no more

  2. That’s real. They only human

    • Ceo GHB /

      We have pushed the limits a many days w/ them police period

  3. Some police hate it then it’s police that thinks it’s cool. I used to ride the streets all the time and at the time I didn’t know how to wheelie but I used to get chased left and right everytime I came out by the same police . Then a couple months went by I learned how to wheelie and everytime I I see that same police #227 I pick that wheel up and he salute me everytime . He know he can’t catch me he just waiting for that chance to catch me not paying attention at the gas station slipping ! This bikelife is getting bigger and bigger and the knockas go try the best to get us up off the street but it ain’t go happen it’s always a thirsty dude in the streets

  4. ceo GHB /

    Never had no officer I was cool w/ but I was getting chased by tha cops from age 13 till who knows when I was young it was fun and brownie points was always given on how you got away and did it w/ swag .. These days cops is out for blood .. It was one cop car in Harlem #???? Man ole man that was one helluva dude behind that wheel he was so cocky he would go to the blocks of the riders and ask when they coming out , one time he chased me for at least 10 mins full blast .. And all I can say .. never panic , relax and think ahead what’s your b & c plan