How Far Do The Cops Take It ?!

How Far Do The Cops Take It ?!

NYPD LT. takes ATV

Are the cops going too far CHASING the bikes & if so, what is the WORST experience you’ve witnessed or been involved in yourself?


Bike pound Bmore

NYPD Chase & Kill a rider

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  1. GHB_DBLOKK19 /

    yes they do cause I’ve seen them stop what there doing just to run down the person on the bike …but here even better one the cops ran up in my storage and had myself,dotty,lenox Lou &my cousin all at gun point …. all ova a bike….. and its not even running like when do it end ,how many more kids got to lose there life for just enjoy what they love …..

  2. Chet_boogie /

    In my opinion the cops definitely take it too far!! You have some cops who are really wheeling to kill you or severely injure you for a traffic violation. What people don’t realize is that if it was about safety than they wouldn’t chase at all, because once they chase it puts everyone in harms way, kids, old people, and just a common person walking that the street. I witnessed so many things on these streets when it comes to these cops chasing us and how far they will go. I’ve even had a police office spray me with pepper spray while I was actually wheelieing, I could have easily went out of control and killed not only myself but people walking down the street minding their own business. When they began to take it that far it becomes personal. I do more than pop wheelies and ride bikes, I’m the father of two beautify baby’s and someone’s husband, I’m also someone’s son brother and uncle. My life is worth much more than a traffic violation. Chasing young black men on bikes is the one way they can and will get away with killing us with out consiquence in this modern day era. It’s the modern day lynching, they traded their pick up trucks in for cars with lights on the top and call themselves police officers now. #JustMyThoughts

    • CEO GHB /

      Man that was epic story Chet real talk .. Out there on them streets is like MAD MAX ROAD WARRIORS & riding a banshee is like driving a small stolen Import car lol.. But all In all the risk is tremendous we all take & have family’s .. It’s a addiction that can’t be shook I swear .. My goal is to build the ultimate ride Park have it like the streets a whole obstacle course for my street heads but I so get it .. Trust me .. The cops want heads & KILLAS of the streets it’s a stripe once they are caught …


    I personally think wingworms need a shot too bc back in the days we didnt have no randalls or 161 to practice in. it was pull ur joint off the elevator n learn as you go. and in big ben words it was a game of cops and robbers.

    the new generation so fixated on doing wheelies but nobody telling the the most important part. and that is learn how to do doughnuts,powerslides and get up those steps in that order true story.

    1). I think we need to get one of these policticians like or charles rangel or anyone for that matter. Challenge them to a public debate and have some one on our team that is familar with vehicle and traffic law to challenge these politicians and show them we know what we doing and know what we say, because at the end of the day they killing us over a mere traffic violation and thats a fact……….

    2).And in the intrim it all balls down to money. If im not mistaken i believe kinney?central parking system owns the lot we used to use on 161. They put those lots there and they not generating the revenue expected.
    I know for an fact we can get 400 ppl in that lot for 25 a pop that equates to 10 bands. then rocking from 12noon to 12am all exits are final this increases the turn around. and then you get Caddy to talk to the emt dept. to see how much they charge to stay on the scene. for safety measures. and you ask these politicians . if we raise 10 bands will they match us 200 pct. due to the fact we showed potential.

    3). we need to do a census on how many of our riders got arrested prior to riding bikes and what communities they came from thus showing since riding bikes they found there sense of serenity thru bikelife, had they still been hanging in their community doing impish games they would have been a victim of the circumstances. bikes bring bonds and new ideas.

    4). All we want is a chance to see the next james bubba stewart come from the hood.. a bike park is no different from a skate park if not very similar due to the fact how many skateboards we seen just fly into the street of traffic while cars are driving. how many ppl got their ankles busted buy an lost control skateboard.

    5). its too much i can go on we got to hook up just tell big julio or doeboyz prez punch to bring you thru so we can build more.


    • CEO GHB /

      Man etc you said is rite on hands down much respect & we have our first real mx racer at 12 GRANT HERBERT GHB MX SO ITS POSSIBLE TO HAVE MORE .. We need the outlets

    • GHB_MAX /

      This Was A Dope Comment From Beggining To The End %100 BIKES BRING BONDS #GunsDownBikesUp

  4. Until they build us parks that we can go and enjoys ourselves on our Atvs, Dirtbikes, UTVs we will continue to ride in the streets.

  5. Hospitalized and all.

  6. That’s only the situation on the bike! I got assaulted and beat to a bloody pulp when I was 16 pregnant with no record and literally doing absolutely nothing wrong. Mind you I’m 5 ft 2 in and at the time about 100 lbs. Beat to a bloody pulp. I get scared when police come around even when I’m not doing anything wrong. Protect and serve my ass.

  7. Cops ALWAYS go too far. I was on the back and the driver walked the bike onto the sidewalk. The cops came out of nowhere and said what the fuck are you doing, they proceeded to demand for license and registration in a very inappropriate manor and we didn’t take it out quick enough for them so we got ripped off the bike thrown to the ground and beat with night sticks. The driver got arrested and beat up. I left with a few bumps n bruises.

    • CEO GHB /

      Dam that’s a terrible ordeal but people who hate & think it’s all we know NAH .. We want a safe space but it’s our sport period & it’s illegal to kill us or beat us to pulps

  8. GhG king Ryan /

    If personally think the cops are taking there actions way too far I’ve physically I have been chased and witness cops hurt and injure my friends/ love ones for what!!!! Because of some bikes. There’s soooo much more they can be doing like find those girls kidnapped form a school in Africa or how avonte’s body was in the water.

  9. Down here is Sw Florida its a hit or miss if cops gonna chase you or mess with you. I can honestly say that the ones who gives chase, do everything they can to stop you and if that means hitting you, knocking off of your bike and putting other drivers on the road at risk then so be it, they don’t give a dam at all. Do they go to far, HELL YES!They have killed guys down here riding on the streets and nothing never happens to them. They get put at a desk until further investigation. 3 weeks later you will see the same cop rolling in the same neighborhood he killed someone on a bike. The city keeps running us off all of the open land and trails to ride on, so we have no choice but to ride in the streets. They take our bikes, beat us up and put us in jail like we committed a murder or robbery, when they need to be chasing down murderers,drug dealers and creepy ass child molesters, child porn..ect. All we wanna do is ride, build bonds and do something that keeps us out of trouble. Yes cops go way to far!!!

    • CEO GHB /

      Do you think the politicians need to step in cause they killing the kids

      • I think city officials should step in and do something about it. So yes local politicians should hold all co

      • I think city officials should step in and do something about it. So yes local politicians should hold all cops liable for killing and hurting anyone on a dirt bike or ATV that’s being operated on the road

  10. Spyce Lyfe /

    Guns kill way more people than bikes. The focus is definitely needs to be cleaning up the crime & not taking away the activities that keep these kids from committing crimes.

    • CEO GHB /

      From a global co like your to understand what it is .. Thanks the most respect

  11. GHB Po-Po /

    #Fact CEO punch



    • CEO GHB /

      Yea but its a epidimic punch these kids gone run regardless the city need to step in instead of murdering

  13. GHB Po-Po /

    Not every police officer is gonna put on a chase some like to see us get busy but the ones that put on a chase hinder us and these wing worms who wanna be just like us get the bad end of the stick just coming straight to the streets.

  14. Po-Po /

    I’ve been riding since the age of 13 and been chased hundreds of times but now a days their taking these chases too personal and to another level and kids are just trying to have fun but police don’t see it that way it like they wanna see us put up guns instead of these bikes.

    • CEO GHB /

      I agree you def is a vet out there , does the police hinder you more Or you making it happen regardless

    • Roxk4rmPayne_GHB /

      They taking it way out of hand now in the streets . They Tryed To Kill Me For Having Fun Almost Lost My Life because A Cop Wanted To Chase Me Till He Was Able to Hit Me Off In To A 70 Year Old Guy

  15. Yes they take it way too far for just some dirtbikes hitting us and commenting murder when all we doing is riding staying away from NEGATIVE things in the streets idk why they have it out for us that they feel the need to comment murder

    • CEO GHB /

      So what you think should happen honest opinion

      • We get together for every ride out we need to get some of the parents of our fallen brothers and protest there’s strength in numbers and once they see the power and we really fighting and standing behind what we love and believe in its so many things we can do we gotta put the pressure out there we need people who really not in our culture to start supporting us so they can see its not only the rider voice just my opinion

        • CEO GHB /

          Great one there sir .. This was awesome to hear cats need to UTILIZE the power we have instead of making it worst .. But the cops need to come to grips this a sport make a space

  16. Nafeesa /

    Hell yeah they going to far! They suppose to uphold the law no break the law fuccn pigs!

    • CEO GHB /

      So what you think should be done Nafeesa real talk ! They gone kill the kids the riders us w/ out trying to support

  17. Datbullshhh /

    Cops are taking it out of hand we need to unit the biker community and let them know we here to stay

    • CEO GHB /

      What you think we need ?

      • ToneCapone /

        Man this thing we do needs to be observed as an outlet from the madness that could really be going on especially with the level of showcase skills the youth are bringing now..who wouldn’t wanna show it off if they could do it!
        It’s past time to have a serious rally takes place involving all borough teams, city officials and law makers.
        For starters we need inform city that would be willing to to pull the teams off the street while serious negotiations to find common ground are discussed. If riders know that higher powers are listening and willing to work at finding a meet in the middle situation I don’t think they’ll risk getting what has been asked for years to not happen..they would put the bike down temporarily while talks take of now the city is refusing to provide a place for riding locally but don’t seem to get that what we’re asking for isn’t unreasonable and would be a whole lot safer and less menacing. There needs to end a.rewritten law that would allow riders a 10-15 mile per hour speed limit just like the delivery scooters have to get to and from state assigned ride areas. All regular road and state helmet laws could be enforced and team leaders would see to it that order in the street is priority.
        What we don’t wanna do is keep letting our word not be heard..a closed mouth won’t get fed and a.loud roar shakes the biggest trees! We’re loosing to many soldiers being doing what we’s time to start demanding respect for what’s suppose to be a good time. The real business is if it’s not given its gonna keep being they go to sleep well at night knowing what’s a problem for them is simply an outlet and true passion for us. Maybe would should give them a must come invite to come in our world for and see.what its all about(bonds no beef)!! Maybe then they’ll get that if you give us we’ll follow given laws to get there and from safely. Any one outside that box is on their own. Who thinks this is worth a shot? Let’s get it!

  18. They are going way to far with chasing bikes when that’s stoping a lot of y’all from selling drugs and shooting people but they don’t understand.

    • CEO GHB /

      Yes that is tru these kids could be doing worst my other BOYZ promote BIKES UP GUNS DOWN.. So they need to do something’ instead of killing these kids

  19. CEO GHB /

    As a kid getting chased was fun , but dangerous no matter but experience brings calm .. This street riding been a sport for 30 plus never been an outlet so you credited for getting away & doing it in style, who wants their bike taken? .. BUT THE POLICE WILL HURT YOU PHYSICALLY IF YOU CAUGHT .. THIS DAY IN AGE THEY OUT FOR BLOOD ..