CLIFT is his name but aka ATL Clift, same ole Clift, GHB ATL CLIFT ….as The Ink Dry … Been riding since a kid but the phenom hit Atl a few yrs Back & now He’s top of the list in ranking riders From The Dirty South .. In BLACK HOLLYWOOD, aka Atlanta, the dirtBike culture is what’s happening Now .. It was bought to light years back from the likes of Reality Show Star KIRK FROST, who’s Harlem Born & Raised and moved to the A where he became a star… But Kirk is also like a mentor and Big Brother to CLIFT … Both are avid riders and are knee deep w/ the banshees to Dirtbikes, But Clift is cosigned in the Dirtbike STREETRIDING game from some of the biggest names in the Game from NYC to Baltimore … And he’s an Official GOHARDBOY which was brought to life by the Ceo of GHB & Kirk .. His passion, brotherhood, humbleness & BEING family oriented are WHAT MAKE HIM ELITE .. His skills speak for themself .. So much so, even the Mayor of Atlanta wanted to meet this GHB CLIFT … Look for so much more coming from him in 2015 … Much Respect due Clift for always Showing love to everyone and exemplifying the skills but most importantly he’s never one for bashing or not using the Motto “It’s Bigger Than Bikes, THEY BRING BONDS” ….. In the quoted words of CLIFT … ” MAN YOU ALREADY KNOW IMMA PUT IT ON ”


Photos by Jorge Sigala @_sig_in (Instagram) ✌️

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  1. mersi az sait khobeton

  2. Clift inspired me to ride dirtbikes him n atlbikelife is da reason i like to ride today..i told myself one day ima meet him n ride wit him and atlbikelife

  3. CEO GHB /

    It’s amazing to see the atl getting it .. KIRK BEEN ON DIRTBIKE TIME 101 since but to watch the tables turn the city on board Dope .. Hands down forget that Clift nice Clift get it in all scales he super humble and he for the cause GLAD TO HAVE HIM AS MY GHB BROTHER But even more to gain a friends from A dirtbike #Itsbiggerthanbikes .. SIG .. You get the same love kid thanks for capturing LFE OF OURS … #GHBATL #GHBGENERAL