Meet GHB “Tye”

Meet GHB “Tye”

image      YOUNG GOD was a name given to me growing up from the OFO block 151st 8th Ave, Harlem ! My passion for bikes has been since the late 90’s .. I became engrossed in the game when I got my Banshee 2002 which was the beginning of many. There were lots of late night practice from My teacher & big Brother 11 aka CEO GHB, Odi, & The Gorilla who clowned me every time he came to the practice spot. Me & YAC were being schooled simultaneously on how to ride the banshee and master skills in wheeling .. 11 would always say “practice your Sit down wheelies. It separates all the so-called wheelies from the skilled.” I felt like I was being tortured during those cold winter nights but I was bound to get it Down pact .. 11 use to say “Buster just busting your balls cause you nice. We want you to be a Killa on these bikes.” .. I was inducted into GOHARDBOYZ from the gate .. This ain’t nothing new, TRUST !! The original Team were on another page to what is now .. It’s amazing, but I can’t lie, we had the most banshees a storage could hold. Trucks & trailers full ,and it was love .. Now it’s a phenomenal thing …


I came a long way. My Love for the banshee is beyond crazy! I don’t care where you from, IF you come to the Block, “The MECCA”, I’m the loud one showing love!!! The GENERALS ARE MY BROTHERS WHO I RESPECT & LISTEN TO even though I’m a leader myself & can bring together the team in such a positive manner .. That’s what we about, RESPECT!! Check me out on Thanksgiving Day frying turkey for the Hood .. We, the GHB brotherhood, are a family orientated Crew of Bikers just like the rest of the dirtbike streetriders .. As for me, I love all the crews from HL HB , to RAISE IT UP , to WOWboyz , to 609 etc etc .. All the teams I rock w/ y’all .. But I ride for life for my team, GOHARDBOYZ .. That 11 dude is a genius when it comes to making it Count or making a Brand, love him. And Odi is hands down the greatest. OG James is what GHB is about and Buster is my Drive. The Team is my family, even those guys I don’t know .. Love y’all … Well I wrote enough cause I gotta get back out here and get Busy … RESPECT to all the cities who embrace me!!

RESPECT .. #GHB @ty151 aka Young God #itsbiggerthanbikes


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  1. 2stroke_nv /

    #humblegang very good dude always working never chattin #respect #salute?✊?

  2. I’ve had the chance to meet Tye, real cool dude and he can tear it up. Seen him in Atlanta representing GHB to the fullest. My respects to that man.

  3. Real dope article. I remember the days of 161 parking lot and he use to come through with the chromed out banshee. I always wanted a banshee just because of how dope the shit was. Not going to lie I witnessed the greatness in the rider he is! #salutetotye.

  4. Dude seem humble, paying his respect to the ones who paved the way for everybody else…much respect to the gohardboyz for paving the way for the rest of us and bringing dirtbike street riding to a bigger platform…u see the movement and wanna be a part of it…we from mass and see the movement n wanna go to the ride outs…it’s a positive movement even tho police don’t see it like tht much respect to all!

  5. CEO GHB /

    The GOD

  6. Ghb_ChefRyan /

    Great article #itsBiggerThanBikes

  7. Ghb_ChefRyan /

    Great article bro it’s bigger than bikes

  8. Anonymous /

    Not to much could be said , this says it all , some people say it’s thirst or he a hawk all kinds of words witch is a good thing .. 100% passion & loyalty equal my brother love you God .. REAL TALK

  9. GHB_DBLOKK19 /

    i was bless to me ty151 at the bike show on 34, 2012. He was making jokes and being his self ask shea would say . as time went on i got me a few bikes a few time we was in the same pack .. just would enjoy him get busy in the streets .. our bond got better ova 2 short years for 2 reason one he know my older brother bruza he told ty to look ova me wen I’m out there in the streets with him .2 cause shea aka1100 watch me grown up on the while streets of 170 college ave in the bronx knew all shea family that live on the 9 as we call it .But as for ty he will always be my big brother from another till I’m gone, salute to ty151 aka yung god

  10. Rock Banshee /

    Its great to see someone keepin it real in this bikelife an payin respect to the people who helped him make it this far, keep doing ya thing bro, I see u