Meet “TMBTM”

Meet “TMBTM”



CEO GHB – the passion I Hold for Bikes period spans over 30yrs and change, easy. But my love for Dirt bikes is another page in itself. I rode tracks & trails but Street Riding is just a whole other sport period. I don’t promote kids running from police or doing anything to harm himself or herself or anyone else for that matter…. even to the helmet thing. I agree riders should wear them, but in this subculture it’s never been a factor EVER. In 31yrs, I have never seen it or seen it being taught. Riding without a helmet was & is the culture. Just like in skate boarding & somewhat of BMX freestyle, when it took flight they wore helmets; but when it became a new swag, lots of extremists never wore them as much. Look at how street skaters went from a rebel sport where the skaters would tear up the Malls, grinding on all kinds of office spaces, running from the cops & security; then it becomes a league sport, and trust everyone don’t wear helmets. It’s really not about the helmet thing; it’s about being extreme, AN EXTREMIST, which I am… I love all extreme sports. I’m not into football, baseball, basketball, etc.; I’m into X-games & MX period. Born in Harlem and grew up in a suburban area which was 15 min from Harlem. So I have the versatility to do both cultures. I understand the professional side but I live and eat for the Urban riders. Mentored by AL CAPONE during my youth, the swag that was around during that time to what IS now is Insane… MYSELF & TEFF (one of the founders of GHB) along side my cousin, Odi, Buster, James, Mike, Weez & Tye Miles (my PROTEGEE, there are plenty others) STARTED GHB in 1999. My true goal, as well as my partners, is to paint the pic clear to Corporate America & Naysayers and to market this thing, OUR SPORT, like it’s a tru brand…. No different than the METAL MULISHA, A TRU DIRTBIKE CREW, WHO WERE THE OUT CAST BUT A CREW OF BELIEVERS TURNED INTO A PHENOM… THIS IS MY MISSION AS WELL!!… Hats off to all the Dirt bike Crews out there who make noise, Much Respect… to other Harlemites, as myself, like Harlem Legendz, who are branding as well… to Raise It Up (out of Baltimore) that has literally changed the game of a sport that’s “not a sport”, added Swag, as well as promote “Stop Gun Violence”…

The man behind the mask, to me, isn’t about me out there grand standing, NEVER… it’s about taking the best street riders I have ever met & painting the picture to The Who’s Who w/ out Exploiting them & Stealing their gifts…. I’m a rider, a historian & a businessman wrapped all up in one before YouTube, social media, anything. I love those who turn throttles. I distance myself from anything negative natured. If you love the bikes like I do & I can give input, then we brothers. As far as GOHARDBOYZ, it was created to represent brothers from all walks in life, NEVER a gang, if you can do Wheelies or not! We are a family of strangers, which my goal was & still is in the workings to be a FAMILY… #GHBFAMILY… Therefore, no need for my presence. I want to be under the radar, Hat low, In the Cut… Let these kids & Dope riders get the shine. It is My Pleasure TRULY…. RIP Cleve & Ray – 2 kids who meant the world to others & myself… Swirls & Tez – Street riders who lost their lives as well, who wanted the Fame…. That’s what I’m here for!!


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  1. I always look up to you n you know that I am very proud of you n miss riding with you n every time I’m outside I see bikes going wild n I get hype don’t care who see me feels like I can breath n feel free AND AGAIN THANK YOU

  2. I met this brother a few years ago and within that I’ve learned this. He is by far one of the most driven people I know. Nothing will get in the way of the magnitude of dedication he has to this movement and brand. I appreciate how he has, with open arms, let me collaborate with the visual aspect of GHB. No ego at all with this guy. Nothing but true admiration for the brother! Continued success Shea.

  3. Gino fuckin Dee! /

    Shea is a great dude! Since day one I met him he welcomed me with open arms. When I rolled through Harlem to come film some skateboarding he showed me around, him and the GHB were super supportive! I totally back the GHB, might have to add a collective tattoo piece on my arm. Keep it hype, keep it fun, put the passion in the air and let it loose!

  4. Gail Tarantino /

    It’s Bigger Than Bikes, is more than a slogan and I am proof that bonds between strangers are built over motorcycles, shared passions and respect. As an older woman who lives in San Diego, it’s doubtful we would have ever met if my son, Evan, hadn’t died in a motorcycle crash last year. Evan was a fan and follower of GHB on instagram. I was going through his phone the night he died and although I had never heard of you before, I knew at glance why he followed GHB. Evan was an adrenalin junkie: crazy, fearless and completely devoted to wheelies, riding, racing, family and friends. I started following you to keep the bond going.

    Your message was clear from the beginning and you followed up your words with action. I read your posts very carefully and you are an inspiration. You give back everyday with passion, loyalty, honesty and commitment to your family, friends and community.
    I respect and admire your activism and your dedication. You are a mentor, teacher, shrewd businessman and a wonderful example for us all.

    Your sympathy and support during my grief and posting Evan’s picture on your website has touched me more than you can ever know. Thank you.

    You are a class act Mr. Evans.

    • CEO GHB /

      Priceless is all I can say so wish I could of met Evan for one he was a enthusiast like 2 we have the last names & color means nothing his family embraced me so we for ever bike brothers .. I think I’m a keep his name more relevant just for you & my own reasons cause his spirit must be felt … RIP EVAN FOREVER

      • Gail Tarantino /

        I wish you could have met him too. He was a great young man. I know it’s LOUD in heaven since Evan has been there. We are bike brothers forever Shae.

  5. Ghb_privilege /

    Like you say it’s bigger than bikes we’re a family amongst friends people brought together because of the love of these bike you’re going to change the game with us bring a better understanding to people about what we do and why we do it since day one we met it’s been always nothing but love you’re a good person and a true friend keep up the good work

    • CEO GHB /

      It’s forever bigger than bikes & it’s dudes like you who get it !

  6. Salute to my mentor and friend these words speak volume and its a page outta the dirtbike bible pls pay attention definitely our young ones coming it you are privileged to be around CEO soak up the knowledge of one of our LEGENDZ….well written

    • CEO GHB /

      Hands down you fam that’s that & nothing can change that

  7. I am so very proud of you. Everything you put your hands to is going to prosper. I’d like to share this one piece I’d advice. Always, always remember that – Adversity is not a detour. It is part of the path. You will encounter obstacles, and you will make mistakes but that’s just apart of your journey to get to the top.

  8. ghbizzyblox /

    U r a great friend I can hang wit and a brother I can talk to..ur passion for this is real and its well appraciated..ur da only one who’s helping others move forward wit there visions in BIKELIFE I haven’t seen no one yet wit da strength and passion to help others..Thank u I’m glad I’m part of this by ur side good and bad..we still gonna love to do wat we love to do and that’s RIDE……

    • CEO GHB /

      Hands down you my brother one of the best out there truly but we grew so much in a short time & that’s a bond that is priceless

  9. Your vision is big!! It now you are starting to see clear skies! Hard work and dedication pays off in the long run, especially if it something you truly enjoy doin!! Keep up the good work and strive for excellence !!

  10. As usual you are giving others the best and changing minds. Before I met you I had my views of the bikelife world, but your vision and mission has changed my mind tremendously. Continue to grind and strive. Most importantly continue to give back you are a true example of a role model. Blessings GHB CEO

    • CEO GHB /

      Cake lady cake lady I remember when I told you to see the video so you could get the culture & now you all in thanks for getting a brief look at my LiL bio so much more In store

  11. So proud of….keep up the great work! You said for so long this is what you wanted to do and you did! #SO DOPE!

    • CEO GHB /

      Hey remember when they tried to get me and you help me fool them people no doubt you always been a supporter thanks

  12. dionne powell /


  13. Rachelle /

    I respect your grind and even more how u vision and actually go after your dream… You inspire me and other people as well… Nothing but big things from here on out … I believe in you!!

  14. Anytime I read something u put down I’m just in awwww. It’s poetic! Love how u think and dream man! Straight 100% it’s always best to aim at the moon and over shoot to the stars! Lol

    • CEO GHB /

      Man every time I think of how we met & how crazy you are & the love you show you a bad ass dude in FMX but really my good friend & brother