GHB Teff

We were getting ready to ride the Trails in Upstate NYC .. I remember TEFF had us out in the woods on the banshees this early afternoon. It was like a scene from Star Wars chasing each other thru the forest, and I can say Teff was out front and I was on his bumper while others were behind us .. We were probably 7 deep and it was an epic day .. Being that we’re like family and grew up together, the bond has Always been Harlem NYC Blood (no gang). We’ve been extremists since kids .. The Dirtbike culture has always been our love! ..

After this amazing ride, that day, we were in his driveway washing the bikes and just talking and TEFF said .. “Man we was Going Hard.” I said .. “Hell yea” Then he said .. “WE the GOHARDBOYZ” & that day history was made. This happened in 1999!!

Everywhere we went the banshee purchases were getting bigger. We went from 7 to 15 to prob 20, can’t remember, but we made a statement .. TEFF always was the custom king – each week a diff color added to the bikes, custom seats, paints, you name it he was doing it .. This dude’s concepts and ideas are always on point .. A real behind the scene dude who I speak hrs on end w/ ideas and plans.

So for those who don’t know GHB FOUNDER .. My other half .. dnt worry he is one of the Men Behind the Mask who Truly is a force in THE BRAND … Love n respect on all levels .. Till we finally build our GOHARD PARK .. We will never stop! .. ITS BIGGER THAN BIKES

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