The Bestiarii: A DocuSeries

The Bestiarii: A DocuSeries

The Bestiarii: A DocuSeries (Season 1) journeys on a brutally honest look into the personal life of James Baxter, and the decisions he made, as well as the consequences he faced as a result of those decisions. It’s gritty, it’s unfiltered, it’s poetic and it’s polarizing. Join us on this journey. All are welcome! To view, please click the videos tab above.


***Note to parents watching with children: Some content and language may be deemed graphic. Please keep this in mind when viewing.***





SEASON 2 culminates James’ journey and the next chapter in his life, as well as showcases the journeys of the following individuals:



This season also includes an exclusive interview with JEAN RAY.. STAY TUNED!





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  1. Wow…You would never know you experienced this…Thank God for sparing you…It’s your time…You are amazing…Keep fulfilling your purpose. Born to teach, motivate and inspire. Thanks for sharing with the world…Changing lives one day at a time…

  2. This one was hard to watch and it hurt. To know that your friend had to fight for his life is heavy but to hear him talk about it hurts just a little. To know that your friend recognized the beast within and loved it is heavy. But to know how God worked in your friend’s favor to bring him out of the darkness and spare his life is also heavy. I commend you for emerging with a purpose and a determination to tell your story so that others may be saved. The whole Team again should be applauded. Sorry it took me a minute to view this one. Buggy and Coyshea you both know I support your efforts and vision.

  3. I am so proud to see the prolific amount of creativity, talent, and collaboration in this docuSeries. There is a process one must go through to get to this point, where we can view a piece of this magnitude. You’ve both executed it perfectly! Can’t wait to see the full story. Great Job Shea and James…great job!

  4. Kat Harris /

    This is awesome love your humbleness,openness and candidness!??