What team do you ride for ?

What team do you ride for ?

As the sport continues to grow, many new riders don’t know much about bikes but they can all recognize the colors. Honda red, Yamaha blue, Kawasaki green, Suzuki yellow or KTM orange. You might change plastics, wheels, graphics, bars or grips but at the end of the day the bike is indentified by it’s respective brand. We want to know what team do you ride for? What makes your team choice better than the rest? Every brand has pros, every brand has cons but regardless of the cons, when you’re out tuning up the streets. I’m sure you wouldn’t ride anything else the same way you ride yours. Tell us where your loyalty lies

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  1. Team Yamaha
    (2stroke 4wheeler Wheelchairs What Ever)

  2. Im scouting for a bike now, I always loved Honda red, and hated Yahmaha blue, no gang bs, red is just my favorite color but i think im gonna go with the YZ 125 over the CR. I was told if you learn to ride the yahmaha powerband you can handle any bike

  3. Team Kawasaki #Braappp

  4. Team Honda but I need a yz125 in the stash.

  5. GHB_ANGEL /

    I’m Currently Rocking The RM ( Team Suzuki ) But You Already Know If Honda Not My Next Choice Yamaha Is

  6. Moneymuk /

    Team Yamaha

  7. GHB_MAX /

    I USE TO RIDE RED ( HONDA ) Well I Still Kinda Ride Red Lol Because My Plastics Are Red But I Done Switch Over To The Dark Side #TEAM YAHMAHA , Still Got Love For Those Hondas Tho Always

  8. Anonymous /

    Team honda to the death of me Nothing comes Close staying true to my brand Antpo132 harlem

  9. Anonymous /

    Team honda to the death of me Nothing comes close

  10. Cr85

  11. What’s good my names picky I’m from the UK n my team is GHBUK we ouch here team positive its bigger than bikes respect

    • KTM lol

      • Ceo Ghb /

        That ktm looks the part I must say .. But gets scary when it breaks .. It’s a European bike to me but looks fire .. #GHBUK

  12. Craigkitts /

    If it ain’t red keep it in the shed, Honda all the way guys!!

    • Ceo Ghb /

      I like that Craig I used to live the cr I love it now but I’m team yz . But working on a crf 450 custom

  13. CEO GHB /

    I’m riding w/ team yahmaha team Yz then honda