Who Is The Best ?

Who Is The Best ?


So many riders are Good Now ! But those who Claim to Be the “BEST”, What makes Them stand out From the rest ?






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  1. Lil V /

    Much love to all that ride…. I’m from Baltimore and have been riding for12 years(motorcycles that is). I personally don’t have a favorite but we cant forget about BL ( Brian Link ). I love how bike life brings all hoods together. So to me it’s not one person,it’s the whole movement. Salute to you all for keeping this moment positive! P.s. I don’t hear people giving wheelie Wayne ,Lol Steve or ,pee wee their credit. ONE LOVE #bikesupgunsdown or should I say #wheelsupgunsdown

  2. Anonymous /

    Okay,there are some good riders.But Baltimore started this bikelife shit hands down.I never hear people giving the oringal riders like Wayne,Steve and Pee-Wee there credit.

  3. Klutch304 /

    tough category rite here Shea!!! salute to all those that do pick those bikes up tho!!!

  4. vtintit /

    theirs so many out its really hard to say but i always say rodmikey is up theirone of the best ever ,asap charlie ,abg gingi, just to name few

  5. Buster /

    Shea these dudes are on another level. But for me I like the young dude the real problem . This is a good topic an it’s only one way two really answer the question , let’s put it together , for NYC bragging rights

    • CEO GHB /

      Gorilla for sure we must get that going its all about getting the rite set up & the rite folks to support us & it will be mega .. Yes I agree LiL Problem dope one the best

  6. WestSideRider /

    I Ride in Cali and I will give credit to East coast riders it’s hard to be nice and make it look effortlessly so my vote to Chylie he been out for a long time and never breaks a sweat … Now get some east coast riders to come to Cali and show love

    • CEO GHB /

      That’s what’s up coming from the west & I totally agree .. Chylie is family & he is Smoove w/ his style

  7. Ghbatl_clift /

    The only thing that makes them different is the love they have on and off the bikes

  8. This Bikelife is so amazing, I been around bikes all my life my Father “Stubby aka Mr Unicorn” been doing this while I was swimming in his nuts, as a kid I thought we lived @ the motorcycle club, my 1st five bday parties was @ the black unicorn club, over the years this movement has gotten Major is Amazing how much talent you see, I remember being 10yrs old & was on the bike & Al Capone was wheeling in Jersey with me in the middle & Shea on the back…crazy, then Shea doing the same with me in the middle & Odie on the back, we was some bold, crazy kids, I movedto the ssoundview section of the Bx & the only ppl that was about that life was Big Bola & Quan & Elliott family, there was dudes with bikes in the hood but if u was doing anything with
    thebikes you was on Rosedale @ the Martin House, I love the Martin’s they always shared & let everyone rock, Quan LS & GHB Elliott are some good guys, the talent in the Bronx is awesome, I been around the world & its do many Nice Riders that I can’t into names but I will say I LOVE BALTIMORE, even though I got robbed out there Those guys put that WORK IN

  9. NoSleepGetMoney /

    The best in my Eyes has to do with 3 categories 1.- Tricks & Distance.. 2.- Swag on the Bike (Style, the way you ride, You gotta make it look good an smile while you doing it lol) 3.-( LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST) — WHO ARE YOU OFF OF THE DIRTBIKE??? A lot of people are some body when they are on a dirtbike, but if you take the bike away from them they are a NOBODY.. no disrespect but a lot of dudes have nothing to offer besides a wheelie Like do people Know who you really are as a person.. i mean what do ou have to offer the World or even Your community besides a Wheelie!!!!!

    and With that being said lol The Best is– @CHINO_MMG

  10. geo_rackedup18 /

    Everybody has different opinions but I give up to my nigga 305_rosco and also for being one the realist nigga I know salute.everyone from geo_rackedup18

    • CEO GHB /

      That’s cool ! You a great rider yourself & it’s cool to see the unity .. Can’t wait to see the best of best get it on

  11. tonecapone /

    Yeah gonna get it

  12. tonecapone /

    Yeah that boy nice..combos on a banshee look crazy! To take a machine that can so easily bite a chunk out that a_ _ is dope!! Gonna wrap pillows around me and find that back break if it’s one of the last things I do.lol

    • CEO GHB /

      Nah you got it .. Just gotta get past that hump but its amazing to see what these people can do on these bikes talk about elevated

    • tonecapone /

      *back brake

  13. Im bias no disrespect to no one AT ALL but everybody from my family GHB/GHG…..AND I REPEAT NO DISRESPECT TO NOO ONE…

  14. Baltimore dirtbike Capitol takes the crown

  15. Ghbnitty /

    I wouldn’t say the best n I say that cuz niggas be nice in one category but my favorite rider is chino. I got my other hittas like leeky, mikey, indaairdrizzy, dotty, zeeskrap, berto, willow, sweezy, kmilez, lou, neil, chylie, ying, big mark, lil steve, wayne, dev, cirocboy boy, lolo, nard, harlemboy jeff. These are niggas that wen I’m around its go time. Salute to everybody that gohard! #bikelife p.s cnt forget my nigga asap tye n Tye151

  16. TCapone /

    Been watching this thing go from a hand full of dudes that were becoming nice to a hand full of dudes that put in work and simply got nasty in a short period of time to stand next to dudes like chylie- ty y- prince and the big dread that be rocking the banshees and motards out in queens. right now dottie- berto- the problem- d bloxx- are the boyz to be concerned about! Iz..he’s just a wildstyle beast that it doesn’t matter what you saddle him up on he’s going crazy! Og Rommel and young chino- no need to bother..they’re on a level that hurts my head!! Shea what’s the kids name that was rocking the shee outside the barbershop? Honorable mention for the short braap i saw.

  17. Deebloxz Ghb /

    Nobody can claim the best until they actually battle somebody

    • CEO GHB /

      That’s rite kid ! But hey freedom of speech & is it safe to say your name is rolling off the tongues of Legends .. It’s the way of the beast this our sport &the egos is brewing

    • For me you are the best !!

  18. 718heat /

    It’s a lot of riders out there. From down in Florida up to Boston I respect all of the but to me it’s the riders that do it for the love. You know them they the ones out whenever hb Chet, ghb trey, dirt bike rell, those who style chino, leaky, chylie, the beast wowboyz dayday, rod Mickey, lolo, ciroc boy, deeblox, chad 5. It’s a matter of preference but it’s all 1 dream 2 ride at the end of the day s/o to you ghb guys for the website


  20. I’ll put my last on TYE151 and Shea up on traffic and cop chases

  21. me being a shee head I’m gonna say my homie tustrokeprince be putting in work. Their are more guys out there that are dam good just dont know their names i think one is leaky, 305roscoe nice, chino nice it really hard to say unless you break it down on what you want them to do. There is just too many peeps out their that are really putting in work on bikes and atvs, WITH me saying that I wanna #salute all of the great riders out there and be safe. Where a Lid…

    • CEO GHB /

      Hey it’s just the fact of so many we wanna know how you claim the best

  22. ghbizzyblox /

    There’s definitely a lot of talent out there but da ones who stand out to me da most is chino,rod Mikey,king Rommel,deeblox,zeekstrap,and DirtbikeRell and 90% of Baltimore……….

    • CEO GHB /

      Word on the street you a weapon , but what would it be like to have so many STARZ get it on .. Wit so many egos

  23. AGirlFromDa6 /

    I’m from Toronto and I can watch Dirt bike videos all day but the way Baltimore guys play with the throttle is simply amazing I don’t know anyone personally but they top 3 cities that do it I still watch Chylie I’m a boss video all the time he the Best to me he won the award already keep up the profound hard but easy looking work and post a new video soon !

    • CEO GHB /

      The fact you pay attn is cool much respect .. To that lets see if we can get Chylie to comment back.. & thanks again all the way from Canada

    • Asapchylie /

      I promise I will make a new vid soon.. I appreciate the love thanks

  24. Taimany Ottiz /

    Of course I have to pick my little brother GHB_OMMY all day! IF I can pick a second one I will pick my other brother GHB_BERTO ☺ But everyone is talented in their own way! Your whole movement is so awesome and I’m so glad that my little brothers are part of it!

    • CEO GHB /

      Hey them boys is a class act .. Respect the Ortiz fam

  25. AB51' /

    Different riders please different crowds in different Cities but each City Has a “best rider” ny got Neem but Baltimore got Chylie then Philly got Rell all from different places shining when Chylie Come out the City goes crazy he a OG in the dirt bike game a definatly a great role model to the kids some great riders don’t set examples for the kids and don’t even give back Chylie is the BEST HANDS DOWN!!’ From the Kids to senior citizens Love Him Good Guy!!

    • CEO GHB /

      Chylie is in lane for sure & great with the kids no doubt a true high ranking #DRTBIKESTREETRIDER

    • Asapchylie /

      All respect thanx

  26. CHARLIE / Chylie THE BEST! He got “SWAGG ON DEM BIKES” (his voice) lol humble & real. No questions asked

    • CEO GHB /

      Yea that’s what’s up ! But what do you think about so many others that claim to be the Best .. It’s so many from NYC to PHILLY BMORE ATL FLA THE LIST IS LONG LOL

      • GHB_MAX /

        Facts the list is super long , the 10 i named was from my local area , there are good riders word wide

    • Asapchylie /

      Thanx I really appreciate the love … Chylie

  27. GHB_MAX /

    Damn this is a hard one , so hard i could not even go with one there is so much talent out here world wide , Was not sure what you meant by the best but since we did the distance already i took it as swag and finesse , like i said it was hard to pick one so i went with my favorite top 10 on my list dont get it twisted like i said it was hard to choose with all this talent out here trust me i see and recognize you all and respect your talent %100 now this is my TOP 10 ghb_berto , ghbnitty_ , ghb_4stroke_k , ghbizzyblox , deebloxz_ghb , ghb_koda , rocky116ghb , litelove_willow , Tye_151 , kingdottyyy


    • CEO GHB /

      Man I just want to see all the dudes who say the best CRUSH THE BLDG ! It’s like Lebron Kobe Jordan Larry bird like all the stars go for one crown .. IT’S TO MANY TO NAME .. But some egos will get crushed

  28. CEO GHB /

    The game has elevated so Crazy Im waiting as well some others For The stage To be Set .. lot of people claim they who they are ! & it’s healthy for the sport as long as we stay Respectful

    • Luckee50 /

      Yo bro I can’t even pick it’s a lot of brothers out there rep pin n holdin it down its hard 2 say! I love da sport n love to c da homies doin wat they do especially my homies from Soundview we always been about bikes but they took it somewhere else wit! Keep doin wat y’all do much love n respect from me…..how y’all say it bikes up guns down it’s bigger then bikes love the movement!!!